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Laser Hair Removal

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The quickest and most effective way to eliminate unwanted hair

Ever get tired of those nasty cuts from shaving too close, shaving in general, or finding other ways to deal with your unwanted hair such as… waxing?

Laser hair removal is a quick, cost effective solution to eliminate unwanted hair. It is a more precise, more reliable, and quicker alternative to waxing and other laser treatments such as electrolysis!

What You
Need to Know

Women's Treatment Areas

Face (entire)



Arms (lower)


Bikini (any style)

Legs (entire or lower only)

Men's Treatment Areas


Back (includes shoulders)

Beard (face & neck)



Neck (front and/or back)

Procedure Time
Most treatments last approximately one hour but vary based on the area of the body being treated.
Side Effects & Recovery Times
There is no downtime associated with laser hair removal treatments. Some side effects include swelling and redness in the treated area. Avoid any additional hair removal treatments and excessive exposure to UV rays for 6 weeks post procedure.
Many patients report experiencing slowed hair growth or permanent loss after only a few treatments. Most report permanent loss between 3 and 7 treatments.

What to expect during your visit?


When you arrive, your provider will walk you through the process, inform you of any side effects and benefits, then answer any questions you may have. During your first treatment, your provider will likely outline the scheduling of your treatments so you know exactly what it will take to see your results.


About 20 to 30 minutes prior to the application of the laser, your provider will cut your hair down but not shave it entirely. Your provider may clean the target area before applying a numbing cream.


After the numbing cream has kicked in, your provider will begin treating the target area. The laser pulse will take less than a second, but your provider will examine the area for a few seconds following to ensure it was addressed directly. Your provider repeats this process throughout the rest of the target areas.


Following the procedure, your provider will update you on your progress and notify you of all the post-procedure best practices. Your provider will also be able to answer any questions that may have come up and remind you of any follow up appointments.

Follow Up

Laser hair removal is most effective after several treatments. This ensures that the hair follicles in your target areas have been completely destroyed rather than just temporarily disabled. Follow up appointments typically are scheduled in 2-4 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your procedure begins with the application of a topical numbing agent 20 to 30 minutes pre-procedure. Then, the actual application of the laser during your procedure is quick but highly effective. The laser hovers just above the skin before pulsing. Each pulse of the laser lasts less than a second and covers an area roughly the size of a quarter. The laser creates heat that infiltrates and ultimately inhibits the hair follicle from performing its job of growing more hair.

With only a few treatments, laser hair removal procedures can begin to rid you of your unwanted hair. The laser’s technology penetrates deep into your hair follicles initially disabling them from regrowing. Successive treatments are then able to permanently stop hair growth

Benefits of Laser Hair Treatment:

  • Temporary or permanent hair loss
  • Helps avoid or combat ingrown hairs
  • Softens the skin
  • Produces no scarring or other painful side effects
  • Lasting results with only a few treatments
There is a minor stinging sensation associated with the laser hair removal procedure. The numbing cream applied prior to the procedure is meant to reduce most discomfort.
For the more sensitive locations such as the face, extra precautions and time may be required to effectively cover the whole area, but the procedure is exactly the same as any other location.
During your free consultation, you will work with an experienced aesthetician to develop a treatment plan that meets your goals.
The laser can be dialed up or down to handle all skin types of both men and women. If you have issues such as hyperpigmentation, allergies, or other serious skin conditions, you may need to consult with a provider or doctor beforehand, but there is likely an option for you.
Although laser hair removal is safe, there have been few studies conducted as to its effects on pregnant women. For that reason, many doctors advise pregnant women against receiving treatment.

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