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Clogged Pores

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What You Need to Know

The world is a dirty place and our skin can take the brunt of it. Pores are tiny holes on the surface of our skin that release sweat and oil. Environmental toxins in the air, dirt, sebum and dead skin cells can accumulate on our skin, clogging our pores and causing a variety of issues such as acne, blackheads and whiteheads.

Pores can become excessively clogged and enlarged in certain areas that upon inspection, one may think you are staring directly at the surface of a strawberry.

Proper cleansing techniques are imperative for the maintenance of healthy pores, however much like our routine visits to the dentist or a thorough spring cleaning or our households, a more deeper treatment is necessary to flush out all of that buildup of gunk which can naturally accumulate over time.

Aurora Medical Spa offers several treatments to help refresh and clear unwanted debris such as HydraFacial, Diamond Glow, Peels and more.  Nobody enjoys excess clutter and neither does your skin. Learn more about how these non-invasive treatments can leave your skin feeling oh la la refreshed.

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