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What You Need to Know

Expression lines, crows feet, laugh lines and more! They go by many names and take up residency where they choose, but no matter their shape or size wrinkles are rarely a welcome visitor. As we age we inevitably start to lose the elasticity in the fabric of our skin.

Certain lifestyle factors such as sun damage and poor hydration can speed up this process. Our genetic makeup can play a large role as to where and when wrinkles may begin to develop. Although we cannot change our genes or prevent nature’s inevitable effects of gravity over time, we can do our best to avoid certain factors which are known to contribute to skin damage. 

Even with adequate protection from the sun and the utilization of high quality skin care products, wrinkles can still appear, changing the way we look and altering the expressions we display to the world.

Aurora Medical Spa offers a wide variety of treatments to help improve the appearance of wrinkles including Botox, 1540 Skin Renewal, Diamond Glow, Facials, Peels and more.

Wrinkles are concerning, but that doesn’t mean our expressions have to give us away. Give your skin the rejuvenating treatment it deserves.

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