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What You Need to Know

Does your skin look like it just vacationed in the Sahara? Dry, cracked or flaking can occur when the skin becomes dehydrated, after periods of over exposure to the sun or cold as well as other contributing environmental or lifestyle factors.

Sometimes this unfortunate dryness can be temporarily caused by the use of harsh soups or beauty products and other times, dry skin can become a more permanent condition. Seasonal changes in weather can make the consistent treatment of dry skin difficult.

When skin becomes dry it can appear lifeless, dull and patchy in areas which can be almost impossible to accurately cover with makeup. Dry skin can also become uncomfortable, causing itching, tightness and soreness around the affected areas.

At Aurora Medical Spa there are several options to choose from to provide that much needed hydration that your skin depends on. Learn more about how revitalizing treatments such as HydraFacial and Diamond Glow can help leave your skin feeling positively quenched.

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