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What You Need to Know

Melasma is a condition that occurs when discolored brown or gray patches form on the skin. Melasma can appear on any area throughout the body, but is most commonly seen on the skin of the face including the forehead, bridge of the nose and cheeks.

This can be caused by hormonal changes such as during pregnancy, while taking birth control or from excessive exposure to the sun. Melasma is more common amongst women and people with darker skin tones, however men can also be affected.

This condition can be temporary and fade with time, or it can be persistent and require treatment to alleviate the discolored patches of skin. The appearance and health of our skin is an important factor in how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with the world.

Unsightly discoloration of the skin can cause unnecessary insecurities and self esteem issues. By utilizing successful treatments such as 1540 Skin Renewal and Rejuvenize Facial Peel at Aurora Medical Spa, you can be on your way to improving your skin’s overall tone and appearance in no time.

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