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What You Need to Know

The temporomandibular joints are joints and muscles that make it possible to close and open our jaws. They assist us in some very important activities such as chewing, swallowing and speaking. Each TMJ contains a cushioned disc between the ball and socket of each side of our jaw.

Problems arising in this complex arrangement can result in a painful TMJ disorder. This can cause pain and discomfort to the jaw and the surrounding muscles making simple daily activities difficult.

Botox injections can offer much needed relief from painful TMJ disorders.

By injecting Botox directly into the masseter and temporalis muscles of the jaw causing partial paralysis, these muscles can begin to relax, giving clients some much needed relief from debilitating TMJ disorders.

Ask your Aurora Medical Spa provider for more information during your 100% Free TMJ Consultation and learn more about treatment options for TMJ.

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