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Kybella: Making Double Chins Disappear…FOREVER!

Does that stubborn pocket of fat under your chin make you scowl at the mirror? Well turn that frown upside down, because Kybella is here to help. Kybella injections break down those unruly fat cells in the neck area that cause the appearance of a double chin. Kybella, an Allergan product, is the first and only FDA approved treatment to reduce submental chin fat. Kybella injections use a natural chemical called deoxycholic acid to eliminate the fat cells within your double chin. Best of all, once these cells are destroyed, they’ll NEVER produce or store fat again! So once you achieve your desired results, you won’t need any future treatments. Let’s say that again…Results. Are. Permanent. Now that’s a deal! 

So you’ve made the decision to part ways with your double chin. YAY! What’s next? Here at Aurora Medical Spa, we strongly encourage scheduling an in-person consultation so we can fully assess your face. After all, our faces aren’t just about one feature. The face should be considered and assessed as a whole, even when a patient is only coming to us with concerns about specific areas. Additionally, because so much can be lost in photos or through a screen, there’s no good substitute for actually seeing your face, touching your skin, and observing how your face moves naturally, in order to determine which treatment or number of treatments will best help you achieve your aesthetic goals. In your consultation, the treatment plan will be outlined with details and pricing specific to your needs. 

It is recommended that Kybella be done in a series, in order to achieve optimal results. For that reason, we sell Kybella as packages based on the number of treatments and vials you will need to achieve your desired outcome. The most popular Kybella question? “How many vials will I need?” Great question! The truth is, it varies from person to person, depending on the amount of fat in the area. Circle back for a moment to the importance of the consultation! The injections themselves are fairly quick, each full appointment lasting no more than 45 minutes. With Kybella injections, patients should plan for some post-treatment downtime. As with most injectable treatments, there is always the chance of mild to moderate redness, bruising, swelling, or numbness around the injection area. In the case of Kybella, swelling is expected and can last up to two weeks, resolving naturally on its own. Scarf season (or now mask season) is prime time for Kybella. The expectation for swelling, numbness, and tenderness is because of how the deoxycholic acid works on the fat cells in the area. It is completely normal with Kybella treatments, and not usually a cause for concern. Is the swelling ever a deterrent for patients? Honestly, no. What I hear so often is that a little downtime is more than worth the RESULTS. Typically, patients notice enhanced definition and contour in their chin’s profile after two to four treatments. Treatments are spaced a minimum of four weeks apart, and as I mentioned previously, once your desired goal is achieved, the fat is gone FOREVER. 

Another popular Kybella question? “Can you only use it on chin fat?” Actually, Kybella can be used to treat multiple areas where extra fat is commonly found. While the chin is the most popular treatment area, Kybella has been effective in treating the unwanted fat along the lower jawline, armpit fat, bra bulges, and lower buttock fatty folds. Again, a consultation is an essential component in determining whether a patient is a good candidate for Kybella. 

Kybella has given so many patients renewed self-esteem and increased confidence in their profile. They no longer feel the need to avoid pictures or strategically angle themselves to hide that stubborn pocket of fat. Like many other injectable treatments, Kybella is something patients do for themselves. To reduce or eliminate  something that maybe no one else notices and that they might not talk about out loud, but has bothered them for years. Self care at it’s finest my friends. As we always say, if it makes you feel good, DO IT! You’re worth it. 


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