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Holiday Party Season! Is Your Face Ready?

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Are you holiday ready? Let’s walk through some ideas to help make sure you’re glowing at your next event: 

Winter air can wreak havoc on your skin. So what can you do to keep your skin hydrated and looking fabulous?

  • Chemical Peels: Cooler temperatures mean it’s peel season! It’s the perfect time to think about repairing that damaged summer skin and get that glow before the holidays. Chemical peels are a safe and effective way to repair damage and restore skin health. Peels are a fantastic treatment for lightening unwanted pigmentation and evening your skin tone. It will brighten your skin, smooth rough skin, lighten acne blemishes, and increase collagen and elastin production.There are levels of peel strength that your practitioner will recommend based on the specific needs of your skin. Will all chemical peels cause physical peeling? No! We offer three types of chemical peels at Aurora Medical Spa, one of which has no downtime! Be sure to ask your provider about post-peel expectations when scheduling your chemical peel. 


  • Facials: A fun facial fact…facials can actually make you “glow!” Facial massage improves blood and lymph circulation, which can enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells. This makes the cells healthier and more efficient. That blood flow leaves the skin appearing brighter. Regular facials will rehydrate your skin, slow premature aging, unclog pores, and improve imperfections. Not to mention the relaxation factor! We offer the classic Hydrafacial at Aurora, as well as the Diamond Glow facial which is the newest treatment by Allergan (the makers of Botox). The Diamond Glow infuses the patient’s skin with a medical grade serum selected specifically for their skin needs while pores are open, offering a deeper level of treatment than ever before! Facials tailored to my personal skin concerns? Yes, please! 


  • Skincare: “You can’t treat your skin like a flip-flop and expect it to look like a Louboutin.” Best. Quote. Ever. You are giving your skin a great boost with chemical peels and facials, but if you’re not doing anything for your skin between treatments, then you’re not protecting your investment. That’s what quality skincare is…an investment and a commitment. Support those monthly treatments with a daily skincare regimen and your skin will be singing praises. We’re talking medical grade skincare folks. You’re worth it! And SPF? Not just for summertime. SPF is a key component to every skincare regimen, and is actually recommended for year-round use. There may be a chill in the air, but the sun is still shining and your skin still needs protection. Ladies, a tinted sunscreen makes for a great weekend makeup option! Take advantage of those skincare product specials, and find products and a routine that you love and WILL MAINTAIN. I can’t say it enough…taking care of your skin is a commitment. Worst case scenario? You get great skin. Best case? It changes your life.   


  • BOTOX!  Botox fixes everything, right? Maybe not everything, but it will definitely smooth out those worry lines and wrinkles from the daily grind, and help you put your best face forward at your next holiday party. Keep in mind when scheduling, that Botox takes two weeks to fully integrate showing maximum effects, and lasts an average of 3-4 months. We live in a crazy world. At least our faces don’t have to show it. 


  • Last-minute shopping stressing you out? We have the answer…GIFT CARDS! Aurora’s December gift card special is the gift that gives back. Buy a special someone a $100 gift card, and get a $25 bonus card for yourself! Or buy a $150 gift card, and get a $50 bonus card. Calm that stress with a little Botox or a facial, and leave with all your holiday shopping done. One-stop shopping at its finest. Holiday gift card deals or skincare packages are a win for anyone on your shopping list. 


We have all felt that holiday stress, which isn’t doing you or your skin any favors. Good skin–Good mood–Good day. Invest in yourself and become the best version of YOU this holiday season. But if you do end up with a new wrinkle or worry line…we’ve got you covered! 


*Services vary by location. Please see the consult form at the bottom of each service page and/or our online booking menu to verify that your desired treatment or service is offered locally.