The RHA Collection: Designer Fillers Flawless in Motion - Aurora Medical Spa

The RHA Collection: Designer Fillers Flawless in Motion

The RHA Collection: Designer Fillers Flawless in Motion

We are so excited to announce that Aurora Medical Spa was selected to be an exclusive provider of the prestigious RHA Collection of dermal fillers. I was honored to be asked to be one of the first providers in the country (and the only provider in Southeast Missouri) to offer this new line of dynamic HA (hyaluronic acid) dermal fillers, already being used in Europe. With fluidity in mind, the RHA Collection is a designer filler intended to mimic the natural HA in your skin. The RHA Collection was introduced in the United States this past Fall of 2020, and we are thrilled to be among the first premier practices offering the RHA Collection to our patients. 

So what makes the RHA Collection different from other dermal fillers on the market today? RHA—Resilient Hyaluronic Acid— is the latest advancement in HA filler science. These designer fillers were created with dynamic movement in mind. During consultations, many patients express their fears about looking unnatural after a filler treatment. We don’t want to just look good in photos or when our face is still. Faces move! We laugh, we squint, we talk…our faces are constantly in motion and we want to look natural in these movements. That’s where RHA has revolutionized the dermal filler industry. They were truly designed to allow the face to move in a more natural way. They were formulated to resemble natural hyaluronic acid, and are the only HA fillers approved for dynamic wrinkles and folds. What do we mean by “dynamic?” Dynamic wrinkles are those formed by facial movements, such as squinting, smiling and furrowing of the brow. Each filler in the RHA Collection is made to serve distinct patient anatomies and aesthetic needs. 

While the RHA Collection of fillers is new to the United States, The Teoxane Corporation (manufacturers of RHA) are global leaders in the filler industry. Over 14 million syringes have been injected in over 96 countries. The RHA Collection actually has five years of worldwide market use. Madame Valerie Taupin, Founder and CEO of Teoxane, is a leading expert in the field of beauty and aesthetics. Madame Taupin co-created Juvederm, another dermal filler, two decades ago. From her experience with dermal fillers, she recognized an opportunity to expand the industry by developing fillers that adapt to motion. With this in mind, she led her research team to design an HA filler to more closely mimic HA in the skin, leading us to the formulation of the RHA Collection. 

Previous HA fillers addressed three static dimensions: reducing wrinkles and folds at rest, restoring volume, and addressing static expressions. Examples of static wrinkles include lines at the corners of your mouth, across your cheeks, and along your neck. As you age, collagen production declines and causes the skin to lose elasticity. As a result, dynamic wrinkles, such as smile lines around the nose and mouth will eventually become static wrinkles. RHA brings you the fourth dimension because it is designed to adapt to facial dynamics. RHA has a unique combination of stretch and dynamic strength that makes it resilient enough to accompany, rather than endure, the demands of a constantly moving face. RHA fillers are designed to maintain their integrity during dynamic facial movement—a natural look—due to their unique combination of stretch and strength. 

The RHA Collection of fillers is only available to SELECT practices with reputations for delivering exceptional experiences and who value patient outcomes over transactions. It was such a highlight in my career in the aesthetic industry thus far to be approached about using these fillers in my practice, and we are so proud to be able to offer these as a treatment option to our patients. Our core values, patient outcomes and experiences are what sets Aurora Medical Spa apart, and we will always strive to be at the forefront of the latest advancements in products and techniques within our industry. Schedule your complimentary consultation today, and see if the RHA Collection of fillers is right for you. Let us help you achieve a look that is beautiful at rest and flawless in motion. 


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