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50 Shades of Dark Circles? The nitty gritty on Tear Trough filler: Procedure, Safety, Cost, & Results

What are tear troughs exactly? We’re so glad you asked! A tear trough is a deep crease between the lower eyelid and upper cheek that can cast a shadow below your eyes, resulting in a tired appearance. Those “dark circles” or “eye bags” we try to cover up with makeup or glasses? Yep. Tear troughs. As we age, we tend to lose volume in areas of our face and the tear troughs are no exception. Tear trough filler is a treatment option that will restore the lost volume and leave you with a youthful, refreshed appearance! 

Product: Dermal fillers are recommended to treat the tear troughs, and while many fillers exist, they are not all interchangeable. Every filler was designed and manufactured with specific treatment areas in mind, and therefore don’t all perform well in other areas of the face. When providers speak of “indications,” they’re referencing where a specific filler was approved to be placed. For example, we wouldn’t use a filler designed for lips in the tear troughs. Yes it would fill the area, but it wouldn’t give the patient an optimal outcome as it wasn’t designed for the area in which it was placed. It’s always critical to ask your injector about the product they’re using.  

Procedure: Filling tear troughs is an advanced injection technique that should only be performed by an experienced injector who has been thoroughly trained. The procedure itself is fairly quick. Numbing cream and ice packs are used here at Aurora Medical Spa to minimize discomfort. The filler is placed strategically in the area, as careful hands paired with a skillful aesthetic eye consider your face as a whole ensuring that you achieve that well-rested, refreshed look. I prefer to use a cannula over a needle when I inject in the tear trough area, because this technique requires less injection points and can reduce the chances of bruising.The entire appointment typically lasts 30-45 minutes from start to finish. Many first-time filler patients express the fear of looking “over-done.” Understandable concern! This is one of many reasons to research your injector’s experience and education prior to your appointment. Never be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions or to look at before/after pictures of your injector’s work. When there’s a needle going into your face, you have every right to know who’s holding the syringe and to feel completely comfortable and confident in the treatment process. 

Safety: As with any dermal filler treatment, patients have the potential for bruising, swelling, and tenderness to the area for a few days post-injection. Aurora Medical Spa only uses hyaluronic acid-based fillers that are FDA approved and completely safe to be injected into our bodies. Our bodies produce hyaluronic acid naturally, so they are able to absorb and adjust to the fillers in a very safe, natural way. 

Cost & Results: Tear trough filler typically lasts 9 to 12 months. Some patients will see the duration vary depending on how animated they are with facial expressions and how much daily movement the area sees over time. Cost is often dependent on the practice, the type of filler used, and how much filler is used. It also varies from patient to patient. One syringe might get Patient A to full correction, but if Patient B’s baseline anatomy is different, their needs will be different. Consultations at Aurora are always free and are the best way to get an idea of cost specific to your areas of concern. There is no substitute for seeing you in person, touching your skin, and watching how your face animates. Creating a natural look and exceptional patient outcomes are always our highest priorities. 

Thanks to dermal fillers and aesthetic injection experts, you can say goodbye to those tired eyes forever. 2021 is a new year with a fresh start…shouldn’t your face get the same opportunity? Call or come by Aurora Medical Spa in Cape Girardeau, and see if tear trough filler is right for you. After all, they say the eyes are the windows to the soul!


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