Restoration Therapy For Thinning Hair

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Unwanted hair loss impacts men and women of all ages. KeraLase is a safe and effective restoration therapy designed to improve thinning hair, replenish lost volume, or restore a more youthful hairline. A revolutionary treatment for hair loss, KeraLase combines two complementary treatments in one; a specialized laser system and proprietary products (Lutronic Ultra Laser with KeraFactor). Working in tandem, these technologies revitalize hair follicles to promote growth, volume, and an increase in the number of hairs “per unit area.”

Safe, quick, and virtually painless, KeraLase treatments work by delivering key growth factors and proteins directly to areas of the scalp experiencing loss to promote healthier and fuller looking hair. That’s right! You can say goodbye to the thinning or balding areas on your scalp. Due to the way KeraLase stimulates hair growth, in as little as 6 treatments (spaced two weeks apart), you can experience improvements in your hair for 12 to 18 months! Best of all, thanks to Aurora’s Care Credit program, you can pay for your KeraLase treatments with 12 months of zero free financing.

What You
Need to Know

Who can benefit from KeraLase treatments?

KeraLase treatments are the perfect non-invasive procedure for anyone experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. Virtually painless, KeraLase is ideal for treating androgenic hair loss (male pattern baldness) and Female pattern baldness (post-menopausal).

Procedure Time
Depending on your specific treatment plan, and the extent of your thinning or balding hair loss, your KeraLase treatments take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete. You can literally have your KeraLase treatment during your lunch hour.
Side Effects & Recovery Times
Recovery after your KeraLase treatment is very minimal, which allows you to return to your normal daily activities immediately following your treatment. You may experience mild side effects such as redness at the treatment area (which can last up to 24 hours), as well as warm and/or tingling sensations for a few hours after your treatment.

KeraLase is designed to stimulate hair growth and revitalize the scalp. For optimal results, we recommend a series of 6 treatments, spaced two weeks apart. Although some patients experience results immediately, most patients experience noticeable results gradually during the 3-5 treatment mark. After your sixth treatment, we recommend a maintenance in-office treatment every 1-3 months as needed.

What to expect during your visit?


Similar to other medical procedures, your provider will take time before your session to discuss your problem areas, as well as your medical history, to ensure KeraLase treatments are the right option for you. They will also determine how many treatments you need to achieve the best results (typically 6 treatments, spaced 2 weeks apart). Your provider may also take photos of the area(s) receiving treatment. These photos will be used to show your before and after transformation!


Your provider will inform you that you should arrive for your KeraLase treatment with clean, dry hair without styling products. During this time, your provider will mark the treatment areas.


During your treatment, your scalp will be treated with the LaseMD laser first. The treatment takes approximately 20- 30 minutes, and the laser may produce a warm, tingling sensation. After your treatment, your provider will gently massage KeraFactor serum into your scalp for maximum results.


After your treatments, you may experience slight swelling, redness, warmth, or tingling over the next few days. It’s important to let your scalp fully absorb the KeraFactor serum before applying heat, such as blow drying, or product to your hair. You should also wait 6-12 hours after your KeraLase treatment to wash your hair.

Benefits of KeraLase Treatments

KeraLase treatments are perfect for anyone who is experiencing a loss of hair, thinning hair, or a fading hairline. Not only will your treatments promote the growth of new hair, but they also help to increase the diameter of your hair follicles for a fuller look! In fact, clinical studies have shown about 38% increase in hair growth, and a 64% – 113% increase in hair diameter.

Frequently Asked Questions

KeraLase is a treatment designed to facilitate hair growth and to improve scalp health. It replaces the need for traditional micro-needle roller treatments by using the Lutronic LaseMD laser to create non-ablative micro-channels to deliver a proprietary blend of growth factors and skin proteins (KeraFactor serum) to stimulate hair growth.

These micro-channels have proven to produce 5 times higher absorption of nano-liposomes, increasing the delivery of the nano-liposomes found in the KeraFactor Serum. Together, these two innovative technologies work to create the ideal environment to promote the growth of new hair follicles.

For the most part, KeraLase treatments are a painless, non-invasive procedure. However, some of our clients experience a minor, tolerable sting during their laser treatment, as well as mild soreness, warmth, or tingling after their treatment.
Recovery after your KeraLase procedure is very minimal, which allows you to return to your normal daily activities immediately following your injections! You may experience mild side effects such as redness at the treatment area (which can last up to 24 hours), as well as heat or tingling sensations for a few hours after your treatment. Some patients experience swelling or mild peeling, which can last between 3-7 days.
As a quick in-patient procedure, you can pop in during your lunch hour for your KeraLase treatments. While you may experience mild redness, warmth, or tingling at your treatment areas, most people return to your normal daily activities immediately following your treatments.
Due to the way KeraLase stimulates hair growth, patients continue to see improvements in their hair for 12 to 18 months following treatment.

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