Now you can finally get rid of moderate fat below the chin (submental fat), also known as “double chin”.  Kybella destroys fat cells. Once destroyed, these cells cannot accumulate fat again.1

Approved by the FDA as the first and only approved injectable to remove chin fat1, Kybella stands to help millions of people who are bothered by excess fat in that area. Chin fat, medically referred to as submental fullness, has traditionally been treatable only with liposuction.

Kybella has been fundamentally changing the approach to non-surgical cosmetic treatments. You may have seen Kybella on news programs, or while doing your own internet-based aesthetic research.2

How Kybella Works

Kybella is a safe, non-surgical procedure, so your treatment is performed in the comfortable, welcoming setting of our spa. Before the treatment begins, any pain relief will be administered if appropriate in your case. Then, using a special grid, your Certified Injection Specialist will carefully draw the boundaries for the injections on your skin and give injections based on your needs. The procedure is simple and straightforward, taking roughly 20 minutes to complete. Then you’re on your way!

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